Waste is currently one of the biggest problems mankind faces, tackling it before it reaches astronomical proportions is integral to the survival of the human race, and that of life on earth. Waste is slowly destroying the natural world, making many natural habitats uninhabitable. 80% of all products are thrown away within the first 6 months. 
The aim of this project was to identify a potentially useful “waste” material within the UK and how it could be utilised to produce a desirable furniture/lifestyle product, promoting “waste” as a valuable resource.
The Brace Stool uses fibre optic cabling for the structural components, exploiting the structural properties of HDPE tubing. The off cuts of cable, which stretch metres in length, are collected from fibre optic cabling companies, preventing it from going to landfill. The use of wood for the seat was a reference to the giant wooden spools the cable is stored during storage. Each stool uses 5.5 metres of pipe that would have gone to landfill.